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- William A. Foster

What Our Clients Have to Say

"The Teacup Maltese puppies  is wonderful!! We recently got a gorgeous teacup Maltse puppies off your website. He has definitely brightened things up with his beautiful nature. His name is lucky, and we look forward to the many years we shall have with him. Thank you website for raising him . And all those wonderful photos you sent us each week. We recommend The teacup Maltese puppies to anyone and everyone who loves Puppies. It s obvious they love what they do, and put a lot of effort and love into raising their puppies. When we picked up lucky we were very impressed with all of website babies, she has put a lot of hard work into what she does. So if you are after that special pet, speak with website, we highly recommend her."

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“To any puppies lover out there who is looking for a puppy that has been beautifully hand reared. I would have no hesitation in recommending scott teacup Maltese puppies home. We adopted our most loving Female Puppy (becky”) 8 weeks ago now and from the day she was born Puppy kept us informed with her progress with regular emails and photos. Even after iris came to live with us scott teacup Maltse puppies home  kept in contact and still does and she has never minded if I phoned him for advice at any time. They are very caring persons and this shows through in the temperament of their Puppies. People always comment on how beautiful becky is and this is due to scott teacup Maltese puppies home  Breeding pattern. I have seen quite a few Puppies over the past eighteen months and would go as far as to say that compared to the Puppy I have seen becky is definitely one of the best I have seen. Thank you so much scott teacup Maltese puppies home  for the chance to have this precious princess living with us."

“Hi We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all the trouble that you went to during our recent teacup maltese transaction. We have been extremely impressed by your attention to all the details to ensure that both the vendor and the purchaser knew exactly what was happening and were happy with the process. From our viewpoint the end result has been a very satisfied purchaser and, most importantly, a delightful pair of Puppies who were able to move house without stress thanks to your efforts. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who has the welfare of their Puppies at heart. Kind regards”

"Helllo  I would like to thank you for sending us the most gorgeous teacup Maltese puppies , who we have called angel. We have been overwhelmed by your service, both before purchasing & after, your knowledge & help is impeccable, & we couldn't begin to find the true words of our gratitude & excitement. Even in just such a short time, we would highly recommend you to anyone, What we would like to say is that you are an absolute credit to the bird world, & your birds are an outstanding tribute to the love & care you spend with them, purchasing through you would make anyone come back over & over again. Thank you for fulfilling one of my dreams in everyway”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful help & advice throughout the whole process of picking our little Puppy  “hooch”. He's a wonderful little ball of feathers that has us in complete awe. We can't wait to watch him grow & be a part of both mine & Damien's life. You've done a wonderful job in his early life & we thank you for that. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to purchase a Puppy or any bird breed that comes from your website. Thank you so much”

"Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for ice, our Maltese puppies,he is the best. My children are so rapt as am I. He is amazing, its so wonderful for something so small to be so big in our family. I just want to say thanks for everything you have done for us with ice, for him to be able to accept all of us and more without getting upset or scared, is brilliant. Keep up the good work its well worth it, thanks again.“

" Hello Sorry its taken a while to reply via email, but heres a report on my Maltese puppies who I got from you about a month ago. We couldn't be happier. they are  a bright and friendly little guys who took to my older conure almost right away. After our previous bad experience from another puppies breeder. You kept us up to date and sent a video of puppies before we got him. I was really pleased with the service we received! He's so interactive and LOVES to play with his toys,is a chattery little thing. Although, getting ready for work every morning is now taking longer as he insists on having a bath in the sink every time i go to brush my teeth. He's a total and utter nutter and we love him to bits already."

Free Shipping Is Available

We currently have coupons from our shipping agent to ship 3 puppies at no extra cost, so if you purchase your puppy while this coupons are still available and valid, we will be able to ship your puppy for free. Otherwise shipping will cost an addition $150.